Ambient Sensing Node

The Ambient Sensing Node

Ambient Sensing Node (ASN) is a low-cost, low power, embedded sensor attached to an Artificial intelligence application that runs on the Android MCU, connected via CAN, LIN, or MOST protocol.










The ASN powers the EDGE3 Occupant Monitoring System






ASN Capabilities

Child left behind in vehicle: 100%
Child sleeping, awake, or in distress: 100%
Vehicle intruder detection: 100%
Pet left behind in vehicle: 100%



Length: 105.2mm

Width: 50.8mm

Height: 12mm

Communication: CAN, LIN or MOST

Weight: 3oz

Operating Voltage: 9-16VDC

Power Consumption: <300mW

Operating Temperature: -40C ~ +85C

Compute: Integrated with Vehicle MCU

Typical CPU Utilization: <10%

Memory Footprint: <5MB

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