Ambient Sensing Node

Ambient Sensing Node (ASN) is a low-cost, low power, embedded sensor attached to an Artificial intelligence application that runs on the vehicle MCU, connected via CAN, LIN, or MOST protocol.


ASN Capabilities

Child left behind in vehicle: 100%
Child sleeping, awake, or in distress: 100%
Vehicle intruder detection: 100%
Pet left behind in vehicle: 100%



Length: 105.2mm

Width: 50.8mm

Height: 12mm

Communication: CAN, LIN or MOST

Weight: 3oz

Operating Voltage: 9-16VDC

Power Consumption: <300mW

Operating Temperature: -40C ~ +85C

Compute: Integrated with Vehicle MCU

Typical CPU Utilization: <10%

Memory Footprint: <5MB

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