Automotive Grade Artificial Intelligence Solutions

EDGE3’s automotive solutions save lives, enhance infotaiment systems and improving driving performance with industry leading intelligent hardware.  EDGE3 intelligent cameras and Ambient Node Sensors (ASN), are automotive-grade, road tested and customer validated.

Patented deep learning algorithms are trained on millions of data inputs in order to develop high-level abstractions and representations of them.  These artificial neural networks build up intelligence through layers of machine learning training algorithms.

Distracted driving accidents annually

Drowsy driving accidents annually

Occupant heat stroke fatalities annually


EDGE3 DRIVE is comprised of artificial intelligence solutions leveraging multiple input channels combined with intelligent hardware.

Automotive Solutions


Commercial Fleet Driver Analytics

  • Automated review of cabin video
  • Reduce costs of manual review
  • Detect safety violations (cellphone usage, hands off wheel, etc)
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Driver Distraction

  • Texting detection
  • Drowsiness detection
  • Gaze tracking
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Occupant Monitor System

  • Unattended child / pet
  • Child sleeping or awake
  • Personal articles left behind
  • Intruder detection
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Lane Keeping Assist

  • Vision-based solution
  • Detects lane markings
  • Monitor the vehicle’s lane position
  • Driver warnings when off course
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360 Surround View

  • Multi-camera video stitching
  • Enhanced image correction
  • Moving object detection
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Face Identification

  • Vehicle security
  • Driver authentication
  • Personalized settings
  • Attendance tracking
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