EDGE3 Technologies Launches the CloudDETECT Distracted Driving Analytics Platform

EDGE3 Technologies Launches the CloudDETECT Distracted Driving Analytics Platform

 EDGE3 Technologies Launches the CloudDETECT Distracted Driving Analytics Platform

 CloudDETECT identifies unsafe driving behaviors for fleets

TEMPE, Ariz. (July 24, 2018) – EDGE3 Technologies, a leading supplier of machine vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, announces the commercial launch of a new platform: CloudDETECT.  This cloud-based AI solution leverages the existing camera equipment that may already be installed in commercial trucks, transit or rail fleets and analyzes driver recorded video in order to assess driver performance.  It identifies unsafe behaviors so that fleet managers may proactively improve overall fleet safety.

Driver distraction is far more prevalent than accident-only data suggests, increasing by as much as 46 percent since 2013.  In an effort to mitigate the increased risk, commercial fleets have been installing in-cabin cameras to assist accident investigations and facilitate insurance claim assessments.  However, because it is far too costly and time consuming to review all of the driver footage, the overwhelming majority of the video is never viewed unless there is a traffic incident.  Unfortunately, the unviewed footage contains a wealth of information about driver behavior, both good and bad, that may help inform fleet managers about the safe operation of their vehicles and how best to improve overall driver performance.

With the introduction of the AI-powered analytics of CloudDETECT, fleet managers now have the ability to analyze 100 percent of all recorded operator video.  The CloudDETECT platform not only reveals the prevalence of certain types of distractions across the fleet, but also provides a method to quickly sort and search these lengthy videos, identifying specific behaviors of interest including: 

  • Hands Off Wheel
  • Eyes off Road
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Texting
  • Cellphone Use
  • Reaching Around in Cabin
  • Eating
  • Customer Defined

“CloudDETECT is invaluable for fleet managers and HR personnel tasked with assessing the performance of professional drivers. With this service, they are able to identify driver performance issues, analyze trends over time, and assess driver improvement before and after training is conducted,” said Tarek El Dokor, founder and CEO EDGE3 Technologies,  “There’s a tremendous amount of critical information recorded that can lead to proactive changes of fleet safety policies, enforcement practices, and training programs that goes beyond merely using camera footage ad hoc whenever an accident or a traffic event has been reported.”

CloudDETECT is currently being offered on a subscription basis at a very competitive price. Inquiries can be sent to info@edge3technologies.com


About EDGE3 Technologies 

EDGE3 Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end Ambient Artificial Intelligence and Vision Analytics products in the automotive, transportation and logistics industries. EDGE3’s award-winning solutions improve the safety of consumer automobiles, commercial fleets, and public transit systems.  With a focus on comprehensive AI-based in-cabin monitoring solutions for all vehicle segments including autonomous vehicles, EDGE3 develops solutions to monitor drivers, occupants and various personal items. EDGE3 was recently awarded the 2018 CES Innovation Award for the Ambient Sensing Node, used to detect babies and pets left behind in hot vehicles.  EDGE3 has an IP portfolio of more than 150 awarded and pending US and International patents in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computational Stereography, Structured Light, Time-of-Flight, Ambient sensing, Organic sensors, and the Internet of Things.