EDGE3 and Honda Awarded Patent

EDGE3 and Honda Awarded Patent

EDGE3 Technologies and Honda R&D Americas Awarded Patent for System Combining Gesture and Voice Recognition in Single Human Machine Interface System


Innovative Vision Analytics Automotive Technology Will Enable Drivers to Communicate with their Vehicle in a More Natural Manner

TEMPE, AZ (December 1, 2014) ─ EDGE3 Technologies and Honda R&D Americas today announced they have been awarded U.S. patent number 8,744,645 for their jointly developed in-vehicle human machine interface (HMI) system which combines voice and gesture recognition. The revolutionary HMI system will allow drivers to more accurately and naturally control their automobile’s infotainment and climate systems. By providing a secondary command input, the system differentiates between intended and unintentional commands while eliminating many of the problems which have plagued traditional voice command systems, such as false positives.

The core technology, an integrated vision analytics system developed by EDGE3, is a result of years of collaboration between EDGE3 and Honda R&D which up until now has been kept confidential by both organizations.   The project incorporates one of the most advanced computational stereo cameras for 3D machine vision together with a world class artificial intelligence platform into a fully integrated and embeddable system which runs on a standard system on a chip (SoC). “From the onset, one of the goals of the collaboration was to leverage existing off the shelf sensors, chips and hardware to construct a world class, automotive grade HMI system,” said Stuart Yamamoto, an engineer in the Electrical Infotainment Technology group within Honda R&D Americas. “We selected EDGE3 because they had the requisite expertise and capabilities to meet all our specifications for a machine vision solution for future Honda automobiles.”

“This system is a definite game-changer for the global automotive and machine vision industry because it fundamentally modernizes how automobiles can respond to human behavior,” said Tarek El Dokor, founder and CEO of EDGE3. “Until now, machine vision was limited to use cases where the environment was extremely controlled and the computational requirements were unlimited. With this patented technology and other technology, we can bring sophisticated vision analytics to any platform, regardless of lighting conditions and environmental variability. We are honored to work on this project with Honda R&D, which for years has been a visionary organization with respect to the introduction of new automotive technologies.”

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Tempe-based EDGE3 Technologies, Inc., an advanced vision analytics company, offers the most versatile, robust and scalable machine vision technology using using both single and dual camera configurations. EDGE3 is focused on solving problems that may improve the safety of automobiles, the efficiency of shipping logistics, or the security of one’s home.EDGE3’s software platform combines world class depth mapping capability with state of the art artificial intelligence technology to deliver unprecedented vision analytics solutions across multiple vertical segments. EDGE3’s software applications are embeddable and can also be deployed on a “vision-as-a-service” basis, using existing cloud infrastructure.   For more information, please visit http://www.edge3technologies.com.



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