EDGE3’s software applications are embeddable and can also be deployed on a “vision- as- a- service” basis, using existing cloud infrastructure.


The Vision Analytics Engine combines world class depth mapping capability with state of the art artificial intelligence technology to deliver unprecedented analytics across multiple vertical segments.


EDGE3 develops technology that doesn’t require any custom or exotic hardware, and simply fuses inputs from multiple types of off-the-shelf (embeddable) sensors.




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The Vision Analytics Engine




Enables recognition and tracking of points/objects of interest.

Image Processing

Image Processing

Wide range of algorithms applied to the input data to lower noise or signal distortion.

Depth Engine

Depth Engine

Enables depth map-range data.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Recognizes such items as discrete hand gestures, facial movements, dimensioning, and scene mapping.


The Vision Analytics Engine powers applications that are embeddable and can also be deployed in the cloud.  Application verticals range from Automotive, Industrial Inspection, Home Automation, and Surveillance.

Products leveraging multiple channel inputs that are combined using EDGE3’s powerful Deep Learning Platform


Vision Analytics Engine

EDGE3 is a vision analytics company that develops software only.  We build solutions that leverage off-the-shelf stereo and traditional 2D cameras.  At the core of the EDGE3 solution, is the concept that a “depth map” (an image that contains information relating to the distance of the surfaces of scene objects from a viewpoint) can be created using a commodity camera. In a stereo configuration, this type of camera is simply comprised of two off-the-shelf video cameras (or webcams), which is exactly the type of cameras currently being integrated into a number of consumer electronic devices.

EDGE3 Patents

What is a computational stereo depth map?

By comparing the two images taken from a stereo camera using sophisticated algorithms running on the device’s hardware, the distances between objects within the scene can be measured and tracked. Depending on a number of parameters like baseline distance, sensor resolution, pixel pitch, and others, our depth engine can be more accurate than active light source cameras.

As a result, the EDGE3 solution can be embedded in all types of devices, from cars, smart TVs, tablets, smart phones, or even simple web cameras for a small fraction of the cost than currently available depth sensing solutions.

EDGE3 does not have any hardware requirements, which means the technology supports all the ARM and x86 processors, and any VGA camera.






EDGE3 was formed in 2005 to commercialize the computer vision and artificial intelligence technology developed by the world class engineers who built the Embry Riddle Machine Vision Lab, an internationally recognized leader in the development of natural interfaces. Since its inception, EDGE3 has developed a vast library of proprietary computer vision stereo camera algorithms for next generation human-computer interfaces.  To date, EDGE3 has been awarded over 25 patents and has dozens more pending.

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