A cloud-based fleet analytics platform that identifies distracted driving behaviors.

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A real-time in-cabin driver monitoring solution that alerts drivers and fleet managers to dangerous driving behaviors.

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A distributed camera platform that intelligently identifies occupant locations and behaviors and communicates such information to autonomous vehicles.

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The Ambient Sensing Node (ASN) is an AI-powered, low-cost sensor used to identify children left behind in hot cars.  ASN detects movements in the vehicle, including minute movements such as heartbeats or breathing.

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A dimensioning platform used to automate measurements of parcels and pallets for the transportation and logistics industry.

Products leveraging multiple channel inputs that are combined using EDGE3’s powerful Deep Learning Platform






EDGE3 was formed in 2005 to commercialize the computer vision and artificial intelligence technology developed by the world class engineers who built the Embry Riddle Machine Vision Lab, an internationally recognized leader in the development of natural interfaces. Since its inception, EDGE3 has developed a vast library of proprietary computer vision stereo camera algorithms for next generation human-computer interfaces.  To date, EDGE3 has been awarded over 25 patents and has dozens more pending.


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